Hyperbiotics® PRO-Kids®ENT

Designed for Inner Ear.Nose.Throat support, promotes healthy teeth too!


  • 100% vegetarian, all natural dietary supplements
  • 5 targeted strains, dental formula for better oral and upper respiratory health
  • All natural – no artificial ingredients. Strawberry and vanilla flavor. Sugar free.


  • Protects children’s teeth, ear, nose, throat and sinuses
  • Strengthens children’s immune system and upper respiratory tract
  • Eliminates reoccurring inner ears issues
  • Restores oral microbiomes, loosens the formation of biofilm and sticky deposit around the teeth


  • Suitable for children over 1 year of age under parental supervision
  • For daily maintenance︰Chew or dissolve 1 tablet once or twice per day, after brushing teeth and/or using mouthwash.
  • For intense support︰Chew or dissolve 2-3 tablet twice per day.

Product Spec

Hyperbiotics® PRO-Kids®ENT


  • Proprietary Probiotics Blend3 billion CFU (S. salivarius DSM 13084, S. salivarius DSM14685, L. reuteri, L. paracesei, L. sakei)

45 Chewable Tablets