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Hyperbiotics® PRO-Pets™

For your beloved Cats and Dogs


  • 6 Targeted strains to support specific needs of pets
  • All natural – irresistible all natural beef flavor, no GMO or artificial additives
  • Patented BIO-tract® technology allowing probiotics to survive the stomach acid and reach the intestines


  • Guards your pet’s digestive tract, normalizes their digestive functions and promotes regularity
  • Stabilizes pet’s emotional health
  • Enhances pet’s immunity against foreign invasion
  • Supports healthy bones and joints, encourages proper nutrient absorption
  • Optimizes fitness, strength and vigor


  • Suitable for your beloved cats and dogs.
  • For pets up to 30lbs
    • For daily maintenance︰Take 1 tablet per day.
    • For intense support︰Take 2 tablets per per day.
  • For pets over to 30lbs
    • For daily maintenance︰Take 2 tablet per day.
    • For intense support︰Take 2-3 tablets per per day.

Product Spec

Hyperbiotics® PRO-Pets™


  • Proprietary Probiotics Blend 3 billion CFU (Equivalent to 45 billion CFU) # (B. lactis, E.faecium, L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, B. longum, L. reuteri)

60 Time-Release Tablets