Privacy Policy

Hyperbiotics (or “we,” “us,” and “our”) is committed to managing your personal information prudently and protecting your privacy throughout our website at (“Website”).

Definition of personal information

The term “personal information” used throughout the Website is defined as follows.

Personal information means information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by a specific piece of information contained therein such as: the name, the residential address, the age, the sex, an email address, logs for accessing the Website, tastes and preferences, or other description; a numerical character, mark or other code assigned on an individual basis; or a graphic image or voice (including such information that will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby enable identification of the specific individual).

Gathering of personal information and scope of utilisation

The purpose of gathering your personal information is to enable Hyperbiotics and its business partners to: carry out marketing activities, web-based services and sales activities, customize the information to be offered to you through the Website, and provide you with information that has been optimized based on your registration information. In addition, we will utilize your personal information to verify your identity when we receive your inquiry about our products or services or your application in any online form.

Provision of personal information to third parties

As a general rule, your personal information will not be disclosed without your consent to anyone other than Hyperbiotics or its business partners who have entered into a non-disclosure agreement with Hyperbiotics. In this regard, operation of the Website and certain web-based services are outsourced from Hyperbiotics to a firm that has entered into a non-disclosure agreement with Hyperbiotics.

* Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may disclose your personal information in any of the following cases.

* If we receive a membership application or inquiry through the Website or an application for a customer review program for sample products or monitor products in the form available on a designated webpage which has been filled out, registered, or transmitted of your own will and which contains your personal information, we will consider that your consent has been granted and we may therefore disclose your personal information to our business partners in charge of shipping services outsourced by us.

*When Hyperbiotics determines that you may put a third party at a disadvantage, the information provided by you, records of telecommunications with you, and your registered profile may be disclosed by Hyperbiotics to the third party in question, the police or any other competent authority. In addition, Hyperbiotics or its business partners may disclose your personal information in any case where disclosure is required by law or needed for the purpose of safeguarding the rights or assets of Hyperbiotics or its business partners.

When Hyperbiotics gives explanations about its products or services to its prospective business partners, client companies, or other related third parties, or when the purpose of disclosure is legally justified in any other case, Hyperbiotics may disclose your personal information in the form of statistically processed data (in a form that cannot identify a specific individual).

Compliance Program for Safeguarding Personal Information

We ensure our adherence to the Compliance Program for Safeguarding Personal Information, to be established as the rules that govern the gathering, utilization, provision, and other management of personal information across the Website.


To facilitate your use of the Website, Hyperbiotics may use cookies. Cookies are set when you access or log into any customized service offered on the Website.

Cookies are useful to help you fill out inquiry or application forms on the Website.

* Hyperbiotics may use cookies from time to time for the following purposes.

* Counting the number of customers accessing the Website

* Helping customers fill out an online application form for a product review program or customer rewards campaign

* Web advertising

Improvement of the Privacy Policy

We are committed to adherence to laws that govern the handling of our customers’ personal information. To this end, we are going to review and update this Privacy Policy at appropriate times. Please therefore note that this Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time without prior notice.


If you register your email address and password to use the Website, you are requested to manage them carefully. We will not in any way be responsible or liable for unauthorized use of your email address or password. Please be forewarned that if you have registered false information or other people’s information we may suspend you from accessing or using the Website based on such information.